Sunday, January 29, 2006


I made it to Casablanca, ya'll. I got on the flight not knowing just how long it would take to fly from Cairo. I thought maybe 2 hours, maybe 3 with headwinds. The Copt got on the loudspeaker and announced it would take a whopping 6 hours. I guess I underestimated just how long it would take to cross the continent of Africa.

So, anyway. I got to my hotel, went to bed, woke up, and was orientated with Steve and Jess. I assume I'll be writing more about this duo in the months to come because we're the only 3 tour leaders in the country. If my passengers don't provide any noteworthy gossip (though, if the past is any indication of what they're capable of...), I'll have to rely on them for juicy tidbits.

First (well, second, since I was here in 2004) impressions of Morocco, thus far: everyone's about the jalabiyya, the French dress like they're on their way to their first day of kindergarten, and there's lots more handicapped than I remember.

Here's a fine example of my 2nd observation (Lucky Charms much?):

Sunday, January 01, 2006

sad new year

My New year's was kind of lame-o. We did a party in Aswan on top of a hotel. They had promised me over the phone belly dancing, sufi dancing, and something called 'sword dancing', plus buffet for only 55 egyptian pounds. So, I convinced my very unenthusiastic and tightwad-ish group to shell out the money becuse it sounded like a good deal and a lot of fun. Well, after watching 3 hours of 'sword dancing' (ie. boys dancing like fools with sticks - looked like a jane fonda work-out video), the group began to get ancey. My previous questions to the staff about the whereabouts of the belly and sufis went unanswered, so I decided to investigate further. They lied to me on the phone, they weren't showing up. So, I forced them to give me a discount. Passengers not impressed. Neither was I - wish I would've dranken more.

We also spent three days on the felucca - it was probably the most boring 3 days of my life - 72 hours that I will never get back. I was hoping that the second hand smoke from the felucca boys weed would put me in such a stupor that I'd be fooled into thinking I was actually having fun. Groups like these make you super thankful for groups that actually WANT to be in Egypt and say Thank You once in a while.

I entertained myself by making Little Becky marshmallows with Ramadan.

Then we ended up playing this retard-o game where you had to guess who the person on the toilet paper sticking to your head was. I was Brad Pitt. Later, I was Agathe Christie. PS. Welcome to my world of jerri-curl.

Later on, I stole the guards funny little hat and bullet clip. That livened things up a bit.

Oh well. Only 1 more tour to go before Morocco. From what I understand, people don't go there for sleep-away camp, they go for an adventure.