Saturday, December 02, 2006

peter luger's finally

After talking about it for years (literally), Marian and I finally took a car service 5 blocks from The Lenora to Peter Luger's for a very over-the-top lunch.

First, I should say that both of us were pretty much a mess, even though we got mani/pedis before going. At least Marian had a floppy hat and Pocahantas boots to smooth over our un-fierceness. All I had was a rain-proof jacket. And let's face it, that ain't fierce.

We ended up getting the "Steak for Two". This dish was bashed on CitySearch because the meat is bathed in butter. Who doesn't like butter?! We loved it.

We also had a side of creamed spinach because they were out of a majority of the other side dishes. Really, how hard is it to bake a potato?

And a bottle of red.

And we finished it off with a "Holy Cow!" ice-cream sundae.

It was worth every single penny. And every single calorie.

So hot.

Loves meat.